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random reply to one of /a/’s year end polls

[ Just prepping up for the annual frustrawards ]

>It’s almost that time of the year. Let’s get this shit done shall we.

1) Hipster anime of the year:

Hyouge Mono

2) Most hyped anime of the year:


3) Biggest dissapointment of the year:

Guilty Crown

4) Biggest train wreck of the year:

Hidan no Aria? Blood-C?

(Not sure because I don’t intend on finishing shit anime)

5) Surprise hit of the year:


6) Surprisingly good in a mediocre kind of way anime of the year:

Shana 3 or Ben-To

7) Secret guilty pleasure of the year:

None. It’s no secret I liked IS though.

8 ) Best fap service anime of the year:


9) DEEPEST anime of the year:

Mawaru Pretentiousdrum

10) Best MC of the year:


11) Biggest Slut of the year:


12) Most hated studio of the year:

none, really.

13) Least hated studio of the year:

don’t care

14) Most hated fanbase of the year:

Meduka fanbase

15) Least hated fanbase of the year:

im@s bros are the best bros.


official 2011 frustra moe power rankingsā„¢

(I’m frustra, I ain’t gotta explain shit)

1a. Kikuchi Makoto
1b. Takatsuki Yayoi
1c. Shijou Takane
1d. Amami Haruka
1e. Kisaragi Chihaya
1f. Futami Mami
1g. Futami Ami
1h. Akizuki Ritsuko
1i. Ganaha Hibiki
1j. Miura Azusa
1k. Hagiwara Yukiho
1l. Minase Iori
1m. Hoshii Miki
1n. Otonashi Kotori

9001.) Your favorite character not included in the above list.